How it works


You have something in your house that you don’t use much (e.g. a set of crutches, or a can of leftover paint). You don’t want to get rid of the crutches because (oh uh) someday you might need them. But what if a friend was going in for knee surgery. Would you lend her the crutches?

Of course you would!

But she doesn’t know you own crutches.

No problem! Put them up on A Cup of Carrots.

  1. You post a picture and description of your crutches.
  2. Your friend contacts you and can’t believe her good fortune because she has you for a friend!


You’re in need of something but you’re not going to use it everyday. What a shame that you have to spend money on this.

Surely you could borrow it from someone temporarily. But who?

 Your friend, of course!

Maybe it’s available for loan on A Cup of Carrots.

  1. You look for the item on A Cup of Carrots.
  2. You contact your friend and kindly ask to borrow the item for a short while.
  3. You borrow the item and take care of it like it was your own.
  4. You return the item in a timely manner, and with a great deal of thanks. Your friend just saved you some money.